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The Future Is Now

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At Kids Disc Golf we believe the future is now. This means we aren't going to sit around and wait for disc golf to become a major sport before offering premier level disc golf experiences to kids. In fact we are trying to catch up with everything kids are doing in the world of disc golf. We have a passion to provide competitive opportunities to Junior disc golfers everywhere. We believe that one day disc golf will be a legitimate option for a child when choosing a school sport. We also believe that focusing our time and attention on this new generation will help bring the sport of disc golf to a whole new level by giving kids a genuine opportunity to become seasoned and well trained in disc golf competition which will in turn produce higher competition!

2019 Membership

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Kids Disc Golf is passionate about providing premier competitive opportunities. We also want to provide excitement to junior aged disc golfers outside of tournament play. The KDG Membership will do just that! The value that is packed into these memberships will leave a kid smiling throughout the year! In addition to the member pack that ships, we also wanted to provide cool experiences. We are excited to partner with the Disc Golf Pro Tour for 2019 by offering a "Meet The Professionals” pizza party with select touring pros at each DGPT stop! These events will be free to members. Be sure to check out all that’s included in the KDG Membership by following the button below.

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Eagles Wings Disc Golf

and Kids Disc Golf
Junior Grant

This program is about celebrating the youth who are striving to make a difference in their local disc golf communities. We want to promote what they are doing, give them a platform to share the sport they love and encourage them to grow as athletes and members of their local community.



The second ever United States Junior Disc Golf Championships will be happening August 2-4, 2019 at Smugglers' Notch - America's Family Resort. This venue also hosted the 2018 Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Professional World Championships. This will be a three day PDGA A-Tier tournament which consists of one round each day on course layouts that are appropriate for each division. United States Championship titles will be awarded to all PDGA Junior divisions!

Innova Champion Discs | USJDGC Premier Level Partner

Innova Champion Discs | USJDGC Premier Level Partner

Dynamic Discs | USJDGC Premier Level Partner

Dynamic Discs | USJDGC Premier Level Partner

Discraft | USJDGC Premier Level Partner

Discraft | USJDGC Premier Level Partner

Upper Park Designs | USJDGC Premier Level Partner

Upper Park Designs | USJDGC Premier Level Partner

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Support Growth

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If you're looking for a way to help support the growth of Kids Disc Golf and everything we stand for then be sure to check out some of the opportunities we have for you to do just that! The "Kids Disc Golf" logo stamped onto each disc and shirt we sell is sure to start a good conversation with family and friends. Who knows, maybe a conversation about Kids Disc Golf would help introduce someone to the sport we all love! We also try and offer you specific and easy options for sponsoring an event or series we are running. Any sponsorship that we get goes directly towards making our Kids Disc Golf events that much more of a success! In addition to the other options for supporting Kids Disc Golf we have created opportunities to give of your time. Our volunteers are crucial to the positive experience young disc golfers and parents enjoy! We are grateful for all of the support we receive from fans and followers of Kids Disc Golf.