2019 Membership

2019 Membership


Packed with value, this membership will leave the junior disc golfer more excited than ever to get out and throw! The potential value this membership offers is well over $200! You must be 18 years old or younger to be a Kids Disc Golf Member. If more than one membership is being purchased you must add one membership at a time to the cart before checking out. Check out all of the details below.

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KDG Membership Highlights:

  • A custom stamped Kids Disc Golf Member disc weighted specifically for the member.

  • An Innova Champion Discs VIP card (50% off a single purchase at DGUstore.com up to $200)

  • FREE MEMBERSHIP access to Disc Golf Instructions and the Beginner Series!

  • Free entry to the “Meet the Professionals” pizza party at Disc Golf Pro Tour events.

  • Access to a Member Only Facebook group where giveaways and live video interviews with touring professionals will take place on a regular basis. Requests access to this group at the following link and enter your KDG member number you received in the mail: Kids Disc Golf - Members

  • Kids Disc Golf lifetime member number on a FULL COLOR Dynamic Discs DyeMax mini.

  • DUDE Apparel snapback hat and draw string bag

  • A 70% off coupon code used towards purchasing “The Draw v2” by Upper Park Designs

  • A Paragon stamped microfiber towel

  • A reusable score card

  • and STICKERS…lot’s of stickers!

Kids Disc Golf Membership Sponsors:

Other Information:

KDG Memberships are valid during the 2018 Calendar year and will expire January 1, 2019.

More about the Disc Golf Pro Tour "Meet the Professionals" pizza party:

At Kids Disc Golf we wanted to provide an experience that would allow junior aged disc golfers to meet the touring professionals. We reached out to the Disc Golf Pro Tour, talked it over with some pro disc golfers, and together formed a partnership that will benefit kids all over the USA! Pizza, door prizes, and fun disc golf games will take place for 30 minutes followed by a 30 minute Q&A with select touring professionals*. These pizza parties will begin prior to the tournament players meeting. Kids Disc Golf members will have free access to these events at each DGPT stop. Non-members will be invited for a small fee. Pre-registration for these events will be required. Sign up for a "Meet the Professionals" pizza party by visiting the "Event Listings" page.

*Kids Disc Golf can not guarantee which disc golf professionals will be present at each stop, but will work hard to inform everyone of who will likely be at each stop in the event listing. Also the professional disc golfers may not be present at the pizza party portion of the event, although they are invited.

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