Central Mass Bag Tag

Central Mass Bag Tag


Top ten tags have gold color around star and number. After top ten the gold color is gone. The back has a friendly reminder to track Tag exchanges at www.CMbagtag.com

The first schedule tag match is April 23. Most likely at Buffumville Disc Golf Course. Join Central Massachusetts Bag Tag Challenge Facebook group to stay up to date.

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1. Challenges will run until October 31st, 2017. 
 2. The higher Bag Tag challenges the lower Bag Tag. Challenges can be by phone, computer, or in person. It is preferred to use the Central Mass Bag Tag Challenge Facebook Group so that others can be aware of the challenges that are happening and it’s a good way to see who else might have a Bag Tag.
3. The challenged player must give the challenger two (2) times to meet in the next two (2) weeks (within 48 hours of being challenged) or they must forfeit the tag. If the challenger is not able to meet the timeline, the challenge is void. Not showing up for a match results in a forfeit. (20 minute leeway).
4. The challenged player picks the course, tees and format. Format choices include: stroke play or match play. PDGA rules apply.
5. Ties are won by the holder of the lower bag tag at the beginning of the round. However, if ALL players agree before the round starts; a play-off hole(s) can be used as a tie-breaker using sudden death rules.
6. A player can't challenge you, lose to you, and immediately challenge you again for another round. However, if ALL parties agree, consecutive round challenges are allowed. Challenges MUST be verbally agreed upon at the beginning of EACH round.
7. Incomplete round: If a player does not complete a bag tag challenge round, the exiting player should trade tags with the player with the highest tag number. If play is stopped by all players before the round is complete, no tags are exchanged. This could be due to hazardous weather, physical emergency or mutual agreement.
8. Multiple people at the same course at the same time can have a group challenge with 5 or less playing in the group. If more than 5 are present the group must split into cards of at least 3 and play proceeds as if it were a tournament/league.
9. TOURNAMENTS/LEAGUES: All MUST participate in challenges at a tournament. No Match Play unless tournament is Match Play.
10. The tags are thrown into a pool and distributed by score at the end of the tourney/league not round by round. No sudden death to decide ties and final nine rounds/playoffs exempt from challenges.
11. Players using different tees in tournaments are competing against only other players using the same tee format..
12. Women, Juniors, and Grandmasters get a minimum of a 2 stroke handicap which is assessed at the end of the agreed upon round. Ties result in no exchange of tags, unless both parties agreed prior to the round that a tie would be decided this way.

1. First 20 tags purchased will be issued in random order (So the 15th person to purchase a bag tag may get the number one tag). Players purchasing tags after the first twenty will get them in the order they are purchased. Contact Matt Grayum by Fbook message or at mgrayum@gmail.com to purchase your Bag Tag.

1. Players holding tags must update everytime an exchange happens on the www.CMbagtag.com webpage. It is preferred to also post in the Central Mass Bag Tag Challenge Facebook Group but not required.
2. The winner of the challenge is responsible for reporting the results of the challenge.
3. Players wishing to get information as to who holds each tag may check at www.CMbagtag.com