Hunter Grayum - December

Hunter Grayum

He's been in the spotlight quite a bit lately, but we figured why not start with him as our first ever featured player here at Kids Disc Golf.

By the look on his face while holding that Paul McBeth Pro Disc Golf Tour Champion Card, we think he's excited. We would also venture to guess that he had no idea that Paul would be contacting him in the next few weeks to invite him to play for Team Innova's junior team! Interesting to note that there are only 15 of these Paul McBeth Tour Champion Cards in the WORLD and Hunter was lucky enough to get one in a recent pack his Dad bought so they could collect together.

We caught up with Hunter just after being contacted by Paul McBeth. Enjoy, and let's congratulate Hunter when we see him out on the course!

KDG: When did you start playing disc golf?

When I was one year old.

KDG: What’s your home course?

Maple Hill and Pyramids in Leicester, MA

KDG: What’s your favorite disc?

My lightweight Innova Sonic.

KDG: How often do you practice?

I practice putting every day (have a basket set up in the basement) and when the weather is good I also practice my throws outside.

KDG: How often do you get out to play a round of disc golf?

It depends, but often once a week and sometimes twice. I hope that I get to play a bunch more this year.

KDG: Do you play the junior tees if they have them or the normal tee locations?

I like to play the normal tee locations.

KDG: Do you like playing in tournaments? Why?

Yes. Because there are other people competing and in the junior only events there are a bunch of kids my age which is fun to play with.

KDG: How far can you throw a disc?

I can throw like 130 feet.

KDG: Straddle or Straight style putting?

I like straight

KDG: Favorite disc golf manufacturer? Why?

Innova – Because Paul McBeth is on team Innova and I like him.

KDG: Favorite professional disc golfer? Why?

Paul McBeth. Because he’s the best in the World.

KDG: What else do you like to do when you’re not disc golfing?

I like to read books. I also like to set up “ninja warrior” courses in my basement and compete against myself and my younger brother.

KDG: Do you want to play any big tournaments this year?

Yes, Am Worlds!

KDG: Are you a member of any disc golf clubs or organization?

Organizations? (we explained what we meant) Yes,  PDGA, and my number is #89238

KDG: Do you have any sponsorships?

Yes, I am on Team Innova – the junior team. Paul McBeth called me and asked me to be part of Team Innova and I said, “Yes! That sounds good!”

KDG: What feelings did you have when Paul asked if you wanted to join Team Innova?

I felt happy!

KDG: What does it mean to be on Team Innova?

I can tell people about disc golf while playing for the best team.

KDG: What do you think you will tell people about disc golf?

It's the best sport. It's fun, you can practice in your back yard if you have a basket, and you get to meet cool people.

Thanks for answering our questions, Hunter! Congratulations on your new sponsorship with Innova, and good luck this year!


You can follow Hunter on his athlete Facebook page or on Instagram @discgolfhunter