Landon Brooks - February

When we started looking around for junior disc golfers to interview, the name Landon Brooks came up often. Why? Maybe because he holds a disc golf World Title, and maybe because he earned that title at the age of five! Landon sure does pack a punch with his small size. We've been left smiling after seeing him throw a powerful sidearm. We decided it was time to give him a call and see what he could share with us about his disc golf experiences. Check out our dialogue with Landon below!

Landon Brooks (6) posing with his mini basket trophy from Am Worlds.

Landon Brooks (6) posing with his mini basket trophy from Am Worlds.

KDG: Where are you from?


KDG: How old are you?


KDG: What’s your home course?

Devils Grove

KDG: Is that course mainly wooded or open fields?

There are a lot of trees.

KDG: Do you prefer fields or woods?

Fields. Because you don’t get to hit any trees.

KDG: You just turned six years old, when did you start playing disc golf?  

Started throwing a mini at one year old. But I scored my first official round at three.

KDG: Who taught you to play?

My daddy!

KDG: Where do you learn how to get better?

My dad.

KDG: How often do you practice?

Ummm… I practice so much that I won this from worlds! {holding up his mini basket trophy to show us over video chat) And I practice almost every day.

KDG: What’s your favorite disc/s?

Starlight blue Mamba and orange Mamba.

KDG: How often do you get out to play a round of disc golf?

Whenever we can. Once or twice a week in the summer time.

KDG: Do you play the junior tees if they have them or the normal tee locations?

The junior tees. The regular tees are super long, but the shorter tees are far away from the other tees so we can shoot farther.

KDG: Do you like playing in tournaments? Why?

Yes, because I always get trophies when I win.

KDG: How far can you throw a disc?

Ummm…not as far as Hunter [Grayum]…I’m not sure.

KDG: Straddle or Straight style putting?

Straight putt

KDG: Do you ever straddle putt?

Uh uh (shaking head no). Ummm ya, only when I got to.

KDG: Who’s your favorite disc golf manufacturer?


KDG: Why?

Because ummm, because I like…most of them are the same as what mom and dad do…

KDG: Who is your favorite professional disc golfer?

Ummm, Paul McBeth. I have a poster right there (pointing behind him)…

KDG: Why is he your favorite pro?

He’s going all around the world to give people discs and signs.

KDG: Do you have a  favorite female disc golfer?

Yup. Lacey Brugler

KDG: What else do you like to do when you’re not disc golfing?

I just like to play video games and soccer.

KDG: Do you want to play any big tournaments this year?


KDG: Going to Am Worlds again?


KDG: Did you hear that Junior Worlds will be a stand-alone event in 2018?


KDG: Are you excited about this?

Yes, because other people are bigger than us and they will shoot better than us and they will win.

KDG: Kids Disc Golf is offering a State Championship Series in MA for junior disc golfers, and that’s up your way. You think you might compete in any of the events?


KDG: Are you a member of any disc golf clubs or organizations?

I am a member of the PDGA #84838

KDG: Do you have any sponsorships?

Mhmmm…Tiger Disc Golf and California Crush

KDG: Do you hope to be professional one day and play in the pro events?

Ya. Cause last time when I got this mini basket I saw other people get bigger baskets than these. (indicating He wants to win the bigger trophies)

KDG: You won AM Worlds in the MJ6 division (Boys, 6 and younger). How old were you when you won?

5 years old.

KDG: Do you prefer playing with other Junior players or adults better? What do you think?


KDG: Why do you like disc golf?

I think I like it because it’s a good sport. Ummmm….I like it because I get outside. I like getting outside and practicing every day.

KDG: What would you tell someone who has never heard of disc golf before? Why should they play?

Cause it’s fun!

KDG: What’s one course you’ve heard of or seen in a video that you would love to play if you had the chance?

Ummmm. Theres one that has a big uphill…it’s on my shirt that I got from Worlds…Capitol Springs!

KDG: What does your PDGA rating mean to you? Do you have a goal in mind to try and reach?

400? I want to try to get it better.

KDG: Do you have any aces?

On playstation!

KDG: Do you have any pictures taken with pro players? Who?

Paige and Madison. Paul McBeth. Nate Sexton. Nate Doss. And a bunch more.
A fun photo opportunity when Landon scored a 3 on a hole that Paige scored a 4.

A fun photo opportunity when Landon scored a 3 on a hole that Paige scored a 4.

KDG: What weight discs are mainly in your bag? Light weight discs or standard 160-170’s

I like to throw the lightweights. 135 grams is good.

KDG: Do you throw sidearm or backhand more? Or does it just depend?

My favorite way to throw is a flick. I backhand when I need to or downhill or putting.

KDG: Is there anything you would like to tell other junior players out there?

I would tell everyone that is a junior. Be your best and if you don’t know how to play I’ll show you!

Thanks for taking the time to answer ALL of our questions, Landon! We fully expect to see you winning a bunch in the future and will be sure to follow your progress! Good luck and hit a bunch of putts!