Lucy Burks - May

We recently caught up with Lucy, the charismatic and "spunky" self proclaimed "ginger" disc golfer! She had us laughing with some of her answers to our interview questions. Her personality mixed with her disc golf skill is sure to impress those who are lucky enough to watch. She is slated to Co-TD a tournament this year and will most likely TD a tournament later this year! Her dad, who is very involved in her development as a person and disc golfer, is glad to grow the sport of disc golf utilizing his teaching and training skills. He was very involved with Boy Scouts in the past and now uses his passion to develop leaders, in the junior disc golf world. Lucy is going to go far and has already demonstrated her potential in many ways. Read her answers to our questions below:

KDG: Where are you from?

Lucy: Boring, Oregon

KDG: How old are you?

Lucy: 12 years old

KDG: How old were you when you were introduced to disc golf?

Lucy: Ummm I was nine…right? (looks at dad), ya, nine.

KDG: Why do you like disc golf?

Lucy: I like spending time with my family. It’s fun to go outside and play. I enjoy being good at it. I don’t like sucking…I like going out there because I’m good at it.

KDG: What’s your home course?

Lucy: Timber Park. Estacada, Oregon.

KDG: Is that course wooded or open fields?

Lucy: Mainly wooded.

KDG: Do you prefer fields or woods?

Lucy: I think it’s like a mixture. Open fields cause it’s easier and stuff, but I like going into the woodsbecause the sun isn’t’ in my face and it’s enjoyable.

KDG: Who taught you to play?

Lucy: Well mostly my dad, but there were other people. Ummm…. Eric Johnson..he helped introduce it to my dad. Scott Hill taught us what discs were.

KDG: How do you learn to get better?

Lucy: Well…up near our neighborhood we have a giant field and do field work. It’s nice and fun to go there. I’ll be frustrated and suck and try to help my mental disc golf game try to work and feel better. My dad has thought of the word GAP to help. Each letter stand for something. GRIP:  Angle 1-(hyzer anhyzer flat) Angle 2 (up and down), AIM (left or right), and “P”  is for POWER (how much power behind the throw).

KDG: How often do you practice?

Lucy: I try to practice as much as possible. The weather will be nice and I’ll beg to go practice, but if it’s rainy I need to still go practice. As often as I can. Sometimes you are so much in the game you can’t just walk back out. So around 4 times a week on average.

KDG: What’s your favorite disc?

Lucy: So right now mine is probably the DX Teebird. Around 168 grams

KDG: How often do you get out to play a round of disc golf?

KDG: So I think that’s around 2-3 times a week. This week we played 3 rounds and it was very tiring.

KDG: Do you play the junior tees/short tees if they have them or the normal tee locations?

Lucy: If I get more points with shorter tees I def like the shorter tees. Sometimes they are too easy and I like playing the normal tees.

KDG: Do you like playing in tournaments? Why?

Lucy: I do. I think it’s fun to get out of the house and go somewhere and compete against real people and not just yourself. I like competition, but I don’t like playing against myself at a tournament and I know I’m going to win no matter.

KDG: How far do you think you can throw a disc?

Lucy: Um on a good day it would be around 250-275, but normally it’s like 200 or higher.

KDG: Straddle or Straight style putting?

Lucy: It’s straight. Something that I try to do is imagine making the putt.

KDG: Do you ever straddle/straight putt?

Lucy: Umm I will only if there is a tree in the way. Sometimes I don’t have a choice because there is a big of hunk of nature in the way.

KDG: Favorite disc golf manufacturer? Why?

Lucy: I think it’s Innova. They give me the discs that I want and basically everything I need.

KDG: Favorite professional disc golfer? Why?

Lucy: I think it’s going to have to be Holly Finley. She’s ginger and has spunk like me.

KDG: Who is your favorite male disc golfer?

Lucy: I think they’re all pretty cool.

KDG: What else do you like to do when you’re not disc golfing?

Lucy: Eat spaghetti. I like reading a lot. I also like drawing a lot. Geo caching. Hiking, I think it’s very fun. And on the video game side it’s Minecraft.

KDG: Did you hear that Junior Worlds will be a stand-alone event in 2018? Are you excited about this?

Lucy: No (shaking her head no indicating she hadn’t heard the news) “wow!”. Sounds awesome!

KDG: Are you a member of any disc golf clubs or organizations?

Lucy: Yes, PDGA. I am also a Stump Town community member (governing body over Portland that helps promote disc golf).

KDG: Do you have any sponsors?

Lucy: I think I have 7.  I’ll say all the ones I can remember. Cherry Bomb Apparel, Holly Finale, Chatahoochie Scuba, Throw Pink, Whale Sacks…ummm… Summit Disc Golf…Accent Building Restoration.


KDG: Do you hope to be professional one day and play in the pro events?

Lucy: I thought I already was!

KDG: Do you prefer playing with other youth players or adults?

Lucy: Youth! That’s a big one! Youth! One giant thing I don’t like doing is comparing my throws with adults cause they are a lot better than 12 years old. I like playing with youth because they are at my level.

KDG: What would you tell someone who has never heard of disc golf before? Why should they play?

Lucy: Hmmmm…cause you can spend time with me! I think that they should play to start a new hobby. At first I didn’t want to play either. It’s a big opportunity that could change your life forever!

KDG: What’s one course you’ve heard of or seen on YouTube that you would love to play if you had the chance?

Lucy: Maple Hill!

KDG: Do you have any aces?

Lucy: I do not… I have many near aces.

KDG: What weight discs are mainly in your bag? Light weight or standard 160-170’s

Lucy: Around the 160 range and I used to play around the 150 range. At some point I started throwing better and realized that I could do what they were designed for.

KDG: Do you side-arm more or backhand more?

Lucy: I think I backhand more often but sometimes it’s like a risk to go backhand so I’ll side arm it.

KDG: Is there anything you would like to tell other junior players out there?

Lucy: I would say that don’t give up on it! You might have bad throws, but it’s only going to go up cause once you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go and it’s up. And go out and play!

Matt Grayum