Wyatt Mahoney - June

Photo Credit: Red's Photography

Photo Credit: Red's Photography

Wyatt Mahoney has been present at a few of our previous events and has walked away with the win in his division as of late. With four holes left in his most recent Kids Disc Golf event he was tied up with team Innova player Hunter Grayum. BUT then Wyatt stepped up to the tee pad and threw a laser shot down the gut of a 210 foot hole! ACE! Hunter scored a bogey and Wyatt held on to the lead to finish out three strokes better than second place! Wyatt has been featured on Kids Disc Golf Facebook page where he threw his disc much further than a bunch of other kid in a soccer field. See video here:

Wyatt was nice enough to answer some of our questions! Check out our conversation below:

KDG: Where are you from?

WM: Glastonbury, CT

KDG: How old are you?

WM: 7 years old

KDG: How old were you when you were introduced to disc golf?

WM: Ummm…maybe…a little under 2 years old.

KDG: Why do you like disc golf?

WM: Because I like making new friends and playing courses.

KDG: What’s your home course?

WM: Wickam Park

KDG: Is that course wooded or open fields?

WM: Has a lot of woods…and fields.

KDG: Do you prefer fields or woods?

WM: Fields

KDG: Who taught you to play?

WM: Ummm my dad and watching videos on YouTube of professionals.

KDG: How do you learn to get better?

WM: Ummm just by playing and watching YouTube videos and daddy tells me.

KDG: How often do you practice?

WM: A couple times a week.

KDG: What’s your favorite disc/s?

WM: Ummm my soft magnet

KDG: Do you like playing in tournaments?

WM: Ya, um because I like playing with people.

KDG: How far do you think you can throw a disc?

WM: Umm as far as the soccer field at my school.

KDG: Straddle or Straight style putting?

WM: Straight style

KDG: Do you ever straddle/straight putt?

WM: Ya

KDG: Favorite disc golf manufacturer?

WM: Innova

KDG: Favorite professional disc golfer? Why?

WM: Paul McBeth. Because he makes in really far putts a lot of the time and he throws far.

KDG: What else do you like to do when you’re not disc golfing?

WM: Play baseball, basketball, and football and watch YouTube.

KDG: Are you a member of any disc golf clubs or organizations?

WM: I am a member of the PDGA and Kids Disc Golf.

KDG: Do you have any sponsorships?

WM: No.

KDG: Do you hope to be professional one day and play in the pro events?

WM: Ya!

KDG: Do you prefer playing with other Junior players or adults?

WM: Both. 

KDG: But if you had to choose just one, which would it be?

WM: Kids

KDG: What would you tell someone who has never heard of disc golf before? Why should they play?

WM: Ummmmm….try it! Have fun! Go  get more discs and become a pro. The courses are fun!

KDG: What’s one course you’ve heard of or seen on YouTube that you would love to play if you had the chance?

WM: Maple Hill!

KDG: What weight discs are mainly in your bag? Light weight or standard 160-170’

WM: Normal Discs

KDG: Do you side arm more or backhand more?

WM: Backhand mainly

KDG: Are you going to play in the world tournament this year?

WM: Ya

KDG: Do you have any aces?

WM: Ya!

KDG: We saw your ace recently at one of our events! It was awesome! After you threw the ace, what did you think?

WM: Ummm I was excited! It was neat that it stayed in the basket.

KDG: What disc did you throw?

WM: Soft magnet

KDG: Do you know how many views your video of the ace has?

WM: Five hundred thousand and seven!

KDG: Is there anything you would like to tell other junior players out there?

WM: Get out there and have fun!


Well, we sure are impressed with this kid! Watch out for this kid at Am Worlds this year in the MJ5 Junior division (PDGA 8 years old and younger). Also, if you haven't seen the video of this kids ace, check it out here! VIDEO

And here is a photo of Wyatt showing the excitement that he felt after hitting his first ace!