Ahrens Brothers | Tyler and Carter

Kids Disc Golf is placing the spotlight on the Ahrens Brothers! Both Tyler and Carter are demonstrating a deep love for the game. Not only that, their skills are leaving people very impressed! Watch their recent interview with Matt Grayum of Kids Disc Golf. Questions like, "Who can throw further?", "Who's better at putting?", and "What are you guys doing to better the disc golf community?" get asked! Both of these dudes are sponsored by Dynamic Discs and are doing a great job at representing what they stand for!

Watch the full interview by clicking the player below.

After seeing a video of Carter Ahrens hitting 5 putts in a row from outside the 10 meter circle at a Marksman putting league we had to get him on for an interview! We found out his brother Tyler is just as amazing! Watch the full interview!

Enjoy some more photos of Tyler and Carter playing disc golf! We expect that we'll continue seeing big things out of these two!