Junior World Tournament - 2018

Kids Disc Golf had a big vision and goal of one day providing or supporting a stand-alone Junior World Tournament. In only its first two years of events KDG saw an increase of junior players participating at its entry level competitions. KDG’s second event ever saw 65 junior disc golfers 15 years old or younger and EVERY New England state was represented. It was this growth that left KDG thinking big. Kids Disc Golf knew that it would one day see a stand-alone Junior World Tournament. Its time was near.

December 16, 2016 it was announced by the PDGA that there would be a stand-alone Junior World Tournament in 2018. This tournament would be hosted in Emporia Kansas for the first three years of the event. We assume that’s so the event could grow in how it’s facilitated without having to also learn/seek new venues and accommodations. We can’t help but also wonder how much Dynamic Discs will be a part of this week long event (Emporia is right in their back yard) that will bring the best junior players from all over the country and hopefully all over the world.

As we sit and think about it, we can’t help but get a huge smile on our face at the thought of junior players competing on a world platform the sport we all love. A 6 year old kid throwing as hard as he can to only see his disc land just over 100 feet away. Or the 10 year old who has been playing with their parents but never had much competition in his/her own division. We assume the high-light real will be amazing when a recap video is released. We also can’t imagine how much more focus will be given to the top level junior players, and we bet a lot more sponsorships will roll out for these players as well seeing as they will now have their own platform.

Kids Disc Golf will be a part of this tournament in some way. Even if it’s just helping provide sponsorships for junior players to get there. We will do what we can to have a booth set up so we can meet all of these great junior players and their parents as well.

We’ll share more news as we hear about it!

Matt GrayumComment