Innova Invites Six Year Old Hunter Grayum on to Junior Team!

Six year old Hunter Grayum of Leicester, MA (PDGA #89238) was just picked up by Team Innova. He will be the youngest player to play for the junior team.

Hunter Grayum - PDGA #89238 - Kids Disc Golf tournament.

Hunter Grayum - PDGA #89238 - Kids Disc Golf tournament.

In a recent Facebook posting, Innova Discs shared a video which highlighted some of the moments leading up to Innova’s Star Athlete and 4x World Champion, Paul McBeth, calling Hunter and inviting him to play for Innova’s Junior Team. Innova's Junior Team was founded by McBeth 3 years ago when he wanted to be able to invest in the future of the sport. He is quoted as saying, in an Innova published article, "I think it's a good way for Innova to start putting that spark into young players." It looks like Hunter already had the spark, but we like Paul's vision!

One of the highlights that is seen in the video is Hunter throwing an ace at our 2nd Annual Kids Disc Golf Tournament. We had hired a videographer for the event and directed him to capture as many shots of kids throwing as he could. However, on 18 holes with nearly 70 players, it’s almost impossible to have predicted that he would capture this ACE on film! This was the only shot that the videographer caught of Hunter throwing. Maybe it was destiny?

Way to go little dude! Keep it up and we expect to see you play our series events going forward!

Thanks for all the supporters of Kids Disc Golf out there and stay tuned. Expect to see more of us in the near future. Our Massachusetts Junior Disc Golf Championship Series is about to be announced in full detail the first week of January, and we plan to roll out similar series around the country. Follow us on Facebook or check our website often for updates!