New England Flying disc Association Partners with Kids Disc Golf

Kids Disc Golf is excited to announce our partnership with the New England Flying disc Association for 2017! NEFA has been very supportive of each of our events in the past few years! NEFA President, Matthew DeAngelis, reached out at the end of the 2016 season to offer support for any future growth at Kids Disc Golf. We are excited to announce that NEFA is offering reduced pricing on their memberships to any junior aged player who is also a Member of Kids Disc Golf (15 years old or younger). NEFA is offering their reduced price memberships to any KDG Member for ONLY $10, which is more than 50% off of their regular pricing! You can’t find this deal anywhere else. This offer is exclusive to members of Kids Disc Golf. NEFA membership benefits include:

  • A NEFA mini disc (first time members) 
  • A NEFA bag tag
  • Lifetime NEFA number
  • Eligibility to participate in the NEFA Points Series in any of ten different divisions
  • The satisfaction of supporting the growth of disc sports in our area

All of our 2017 State Championship Series in New England will be sanctioned by NEFA , which means that your child can earn points both for the KDG State Championship Series and the NEFA points series at the same time! Enjoy more benefits when you sign up to become a member of Kids Disc Golf and take advantage of NEFA’s great offer!

Kids Disc Golf is excited about this partnership with NEFA and believe that together we will accomplish more for junior disc golf and ultimately for disc golf in general.

Take advantage of NEFA's reduced membership pricing by becoming a member of Kids Disc Golf today!

Note: If you are already a member of Kids Disc Golf and this offer wasn't available but you would like to take advantage now, please contact us.

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