Remember Parker's Chicken Wing?

Remember Parker? The kid who threw in that shot that most people said was a "chicken wing" style throw! 

When we discovered the short YouTube video featuring Parker, at 4 years old, we knew we found something special! Parker threw the disc with a "funky" backwards and upside down type throw many called the "chicken wing". The disc hit chains from about 80ft or so and stuck it's landing in the bottom of the basket! Parker was amazed and slapped his face in amazement. It's awesome! 

The story continued! We had originally tried to contact Parker’s dad through YouTube before we shared it to let him know. His dad did not see our initial attempts to contact him and we always thought it would be fun to let him know how popular his sons throw was! About 6 months after our initial attempt to reach him we finally got a response! Parker's dad was about to give us the full story behind the throw!

Full story behind the video: Parker was out for his first round ever. The throw that everyone loved watching was only his THIRD throw EVER! It has been viewed in combination with our original post on our Facebook page, the compilation post we featured him in on our Facebook page, and his own YouTube channel well over 300k times! That’s not including the video getting posted by others on Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms. We saw one re-upload from a DJ in California get over a million views. It’s recently been on the main page of Reddit at number six! The weather channel has reached out to Parker's dad to ask permission to have it on their website (we'll update with a link when we get it!)

We are all about putting the spotlight on kids playing disc golf and are proud to share in the excitement that both Parker and his dad are now sharing! We stumbled across the video when it had a couple hundred views on YouTube and think it’s awesome to see the exposure that Parker and his throw are bringing to the sport!

What’s Parker up to now? We asked his Dad. After taking about two years off from disc golf (following “that shot”) Parker is now “hooked” on the sport we all love!  Parker was super excited to know that everyone loved his throw! Now he wants to play more. His dad took him out recently and Parker introduced the sport to a neighbor friend who they invited along! He's already growing the sport! We sent him a Kids Disc Golf T-shirt and some Kids Disc Golf stamped discs. The smile that grew on our face when we saw the photo of him now, at six years old, was so genuine!


Parker wearing the shirt we sent him! He's now 6 years old and enjoying the sport once again!

Parker wearing the shirt we sent him! He's now 6 years old and enjoying the sport once again!

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