Disc Golf Instruction Partners with Kids Disc Golf


It just makes sense!

Here at Kids Disc Golf we believe kids will have a better opportunity to enjoy the game and a greater likelihood of competing at a higher level when they receive proper training. Disc Golf Instruction (DGI) provides everyone a great opportunity to learn disc golf the right way.

That's why we are extremely excited to announce that a strong partnership with Disc Golf Instruction has been formed. This means that each and every member of Kids Disc Golf will receive free membership to DGI and access to the Beginner Series! 

Kids all over the world have been experiencing the value that comes with a Kids Disc Golf Membership and we are pumped to be adding even more value by partnering with Disc Golf Instruction! Find out more about the awesome value your kids will receive when they become a Kids Disc Golf Member!

Note: Current KDG Membership will also receive access to this valuable opportunity via email.