Kids Disc Golf Series Events and Championship Events will award points to Kids Disc Golf Members based on their final placement in that event.  Points are awarded to all qualifying players in an event first place through last place and they are distributed on a pre-defined curve.   Points are simply totaled from event to event within a particular series to determine overall points leaders.

In the case of a tie at the end of a series Championship Event the tie will be broken by looking back at the series events and determine which player involved in the tie has the highest placement in the most recent event.  For example, Player A and B are tied at the end of the Championship Event.  In the previous series event held on a different date Player A finished in 3rd place and player B finished in 5th place.   Player A would then win the tie breaker.  Alternatively, if player A did not play in the previous event but player B did play and finished in 5th place then player B would win the tie breaker.

See the full points payout curve spreadsheet for detailed points per finishing position.

For quick reference the top 10 finishers will get points as demonstrated below:
1st – 110.34
2nd – 106.15
3rd – 102.03
4th – 97.98
5th – 94.01
6th – 90.12
7th – 86.3
8th – 82.55
9th – 78.88
10th – 75.29

All points disputes, adjustments, qualification decisions, and final determinations will be made by Kids Disc Golf and will be considered final.