Event Sponsors


 Here at Kids Disc Golf we are extremely grateful for all the sponsors who contribute to make the United States Junior Disc Golf Championships a true success! Please take a moment and check them out and let them know you appreciate their support!

Gold Level Sponsors


Innova Champion Discs

Innova Champion Discs is supporting the United States Junior Disc Golf Championships as a Gold Level Sponsor.  A well-established name with a national presence, a desire to see the growth of competitive junior disc golf, and the organization behind the United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC) positions them to be an excellent partner for this event.

We want to show them how much we appreciate their support so be sure to follow their social media, visit their website, and check out their great disc golf products!


National Life Group

National Life Group is a mission-driven and purposed-filled business. For them, the cause of what they do is as important as the products they sell.

And their cause is a very simple one, directed at the people who live and work on America’s Main Streets: To Do good in their communities and with the individual families they serve.

For 170 years, they have aimed to keep the promises to provide families stability in good times and in bad. And throughout that history, they have provided peace of mind to those families as they plan their futures.

But their mission extends well beyond the insurance and annuities policies that they sell. Their cause is also to make the world a better place through grants from their charitable foundation, paid time for their employees to volunteer at nonprofits, environmentally sustainable and healthy work sites, and fun, family friendly events that promote the work of nonprofits in our own backyard.

We invite you to explore what they have to offer and to join the cause.

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Discraft is supporting the USJDGC as a Gold Level Sponsor.  With Discraft’s wide reach, name recognition, and being the presenter of the United States Disc Golf Amateur Championship, they are set to be a strong partner for this event.  We are thankful for what they are doing for the growth of our sport.  Be sure to let Discraft know you appreciate their support in the world of junior disc golf! Follow them on social media and check out their website for some great disc golf products!

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Upper Park Designs

Upper Park Designs has established themselves as a recognized innovator and producer of quality disc golf bags and will be the the official disc golf bag of the USJDGC.  

With their focus on producing only the best products along with their desire to see the growth of the sport, we believe their partnership here naturally aligns with our goals. 

They are continually upgrading and rolling out even better disc golf bags. We are excited to work with Upper Park Designs as a Gold Level Sponsor for this U.S. disc golf title!

Find out more about Upper Park Designs by visiting their website or find them across all social media platforms to get connected with all they are doing!


 Silver Level Sponsors

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Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs truly believes in growing the sport by investing in junior disc golfers. They have established their own “Grow Disc Golf Day” and also sponsor individual junior disc golfers.

There investment here as a Silver Level Sponsor has a direct impact on the success of this event. Please visit their website and learn more about everything they are doing to grow the sport.


Gateway Disc Sports

Gateway Disc Sports is involved in the sport of disc golf at every level. They provide products and services to disc golf communities all over the world and support players of all skill levels as well as organizations, schools, groups and events of all sizes.

We are grateful to have them join us in providing this United States junior disc golf title!



Disc Golf Foundation

They grow the sport of disc golf through creative programs, partnerships, community involvement, and donations from supportive individuals and organizations. Join them or give today to help bring the joy of disc golf to the world!

We are excited to have them on board as a sponsor! Their vision and goals are helping benefit the growth of the sport. Be sure to check out what they are up to and let them know you appreciate their support of this event!


Disc Golf Association

Disc Golf Association is dedicated to welcoming new generations of young and old into our sport, our parks, and our lives, with confidence and open arms. Disc Golf is their life. Disc Golf is an amazingly simple game that makes no demands, has no limitations, and provides a mechanism that has changed many lives positively.

We are excited to have DGA on board as a Bronze Level Sponsor. Their contribution to the USJDGC has a direct impact on its success. Learn more about who they are!


Bogey Free Bags

Bogey Free Bags, also known as BFB's, are a must have for any avid disc golfer. They are made to keep hands dry & help you get a firm grip on your disc in any weather condition. They use clay base material that is great for getting rid of moisture & provides you with the confidence of having control of your drive, putt or approach.

We are excited to have them contribute as a Bronze Level Sponsor. Their investment ensures that the USJDGC is even more succesful!


Lucky Disc Golf

Lucky Disc Golf was organized in 2017 by Brandon "Mook" Merzlock and Shane Hill-disc golf enthusiasts since 1997.  They have seen many ideas come and go in this sport they love.  They wanted to create a down-to-earth resource and shopping experience for disc golfers of all skill levels and all walks of life.  They have many ideas and concepts in development and pride themselves in thinking outside the box.  They will continue to evolve daily and invite you to take part in this adventure with them!

We are LUCKY to have them on board as a Bronze Level Sponsor this year! They are hosting and selling all of our USJDGC Fundraiser discs so be sure to check out their website and learn more.


Kingdom Creamery of Vermont

For three generations the Michaud family has produced the highest quality of milk on their own family-run farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, an area rich in dairy tradition. Surrounded by the rolling green hills and pastures, forests of maple trees and nearby lakes and rivers, they call E. Hardwick home.

Building upon the traditional Vermont dairy, the Michaud’s expanded their business to include an on-farm processing plant where they produce fresh yogurt, ice cream, and frozen yogurt, as well as bottle their own milk to serve accounts across the state and region.